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If you have hurt yourself due to a sports injury, it may take awhile for you to get back on track. Modern medicine can help you recover from your injury, but the process will be faster if coupled with the ancient medicinal therapy of acupuncture. You will not only heal faster, but acupuncture will also give you a feeling of overall well-being.

William Urquhart is a qualified acupuncturist and he practises at The Camberley Clinic. The clinic is within easy reach of areas such as Bagshot, Farnborough, Sandhurst, Fleet and Bracknell.

  • Acute traumatic injuries

  • Chronic injury

  • Sprain and joint strain

  • Injury from repetitive training

  • Ligament tear and inflammation

If you want to reduce the healing time for your sport injury and get back in action, William Urquhart  is here for your assistance. Book an appointment with your acupuncturist for healing therapy sessions and sound health advice.

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